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Safety Matting  



Safety-Walk Slip Resistant Matting

All vinyl portable mat with mineral surface for food service and greasy areas. It is flat and low profile for easy movement of people and carts, durable and does liquid.



Safety-Walk General Purpose Treads

Mineral coated, slip-resistant material, with adhesive backing, designed for use on smooth and flat surfaces. Use for ramps, walkways, loading docks, around machinery and vehicles.



Safety-Walk Medium resilient Treads

Resilient slip-resistant material with soft surface and adhesive backing. Suitable for barefoot areas, lockers room, recreational areas, boat desks, docks, interior stairwells and hallways.



Safety-Walk Fine resilient Treads

Fine-textured, slip-resistant material designer for light traffic and barefoot areas. Suitable for showers, tubs, pools, boats, jet skis and water skis.




Safety-Walk Conformable Treads

High friction, slip-resistant material with special aluminium backing that conforms around corners and adheres to irregular surface. Suitable for diamond grade safety plates and ladder steps, heavy equipment and vehicles and uneven surfaces.